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Technology of Sueding

Technology of sueding

Sueding is a mechanical finishing that consists of an abrasion of the surface of the fabric in order to obtain a minimal hairiness but an higher consistency and softness to the surface of the fabric.
Sueding can be obtained with various abrasive tools such as corindone emery tape, diamond emery tape and abrasive brushes.
Because of the tools that are used and of the effect that is given by this operation, the sueding process can be often be referred as “emerising”, “peaching” and “brushing”.
Let’s see difference kind of sueding :

Thickness sueding

In the case of thickness sueding the fabric is pushed on the sueding roller, by a pressure roller at a pre-set gap between the sueding roller and the pressure roller. Since this gap has to be lower than the thickness of the fabric, a layer of fabric is removed; because of the breaking of the fibers, caused by this operation, the fibers are exposed and the fabric gains a more consistent surface,
This type of sueding is more common in leather industry as it gives an excessive abrasion of the surface of the fabric, which results in most of the cases, to an excessive degradation of the physical characteristics of the fabric.


Contact sueding

Contact sueding is more common in textile industry and it consists of by putting in contact the fabric with the abrasive tool at a certain tension, that sets the pressure of contact between the fabric and the abrasive tool.
The variables of this technologies are several :

  • the type of tool
  • the speed of rotation of the tool
  • the direction of rotation of the tool in comparison with the fabric
  • the arch of contact of the fabric with the tool,
  • the tension of the fabric
  • the speed of the fabric