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In this section we are talking about the theory of our machines, what is the state of the art and what are the grounds where these technologies are coming from.

Technology of raising

The function of a raising machine is to produce a hairy surface on a fabric, this effect is made through a series of needles that, with a mechanism that we will explain later, are penetrating the fibres, breaking and lifting them.

Technology of Shearing

The function of a shearing machine is to cut the pile (or the yarn), present on a fabric surface, at a constant level of height. This operation can be applied to a wide range of fabrics and for a wide range of applications.

Technology of Polishing

The Polishing machine is a Pile finishing machine and has two main functions, according to the kind of fabric that is processing

Technology of sueding

Sueding is a mechanical finishing that consists of an abrasion of the surface of the fabric in order to obtain a minimal hairiness but an higher consistency and softness to the surface of the fabric.