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Reconditioning Services

Reconditioning services

When you are looking for budget solutions and search for a reliable machine, we have the opportunity for you.

According to availability, we are able to find the machine you are looking for, or you can choose from our list of availability in the next page.

Then we can supply you the machine “as is”, or make reconditioning and give an extended life to a second hand machine.

Since we are a manufacturing company we have all the abilities and equipments to recondition a machine, for those customers who are not in position to go for a new one.

The reconditioning operations vary from:

  • Dismantling the machine
  • Checking and replacing the worn-out components
  • Replacing the consumables, such as rubber tapes, raising fillets, abruasive brushes
  • Checking and upgrading the electric and electronic systems of the machine
  • Repainting the machine.
  • Repainting the machine
  • Final testing of the machine before delivery

We will make sure your machine will give you many years of succesfull performance, taking the same care we give to our new machines