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VR9000 Raising Machine

- VR9000 -

raising machine

The DOUBLE DRUM RAISING MACHINE model VR9000 is composed of two raising drums, placed one above the other, for a better optimization of the space and for an higher flexibility of process. With the double drum configuration it is possible to process both faces of the fabric, or twice the same face, in one passage only.

The possibility of rotation of the raising drums, in both directions, allows a wide range of processes and increases the machine flexibility; moreover, thanks to the PLC control, it is possible to have advanced functions such as:


  • INDEPENDENT MOTION OF THE AXLES to change the raising fillet on the machine.

  • AUTOMATIC RAISING to have the same raising power when changing fabric speed or drum speed.

  • ZERO RAISING to cancel immediately the raising power with drum still rotating and fabric in motion, to avoid breaking of the seams.

  • MEMORIZATION of processing parameters in the machine memory, to recall them in the future.

  • RAISING POWERS can be set either at machine in motion and at machine stopped

The kinematics of the machine, have been engineered in order to reduce the power consumption and increase the mechanical efficiency. The machine is equipped with raising energy recovery system for a low consumption of electricity.

Each axle of the machine is directly driven by AC motors with inverters, as a result, all the intermediate transmissions by belts and gears have been replaced by gearboxes directly connected to the motors.

The machine is suitable to process any type of woven and knitted fabric and, according to the kind of fabric to be processed, it can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • DECURLING ROLLERS for knitted fabric in open width.

  • EXPANDING RINGS for knitted fabrics in tubular form.

  • FABRIC TURNING DEVICE for knitted fabrics in tubular form.

  • HEATER CYLINDER with electric or steam heating.


  • ROLLING UNIT for big rolls.

  • SPECIAL FABRIC FOLDER with variable length.

The synchronization of each axle and control of all the machine’s function, is carried out by PLC, with Touch Screen.

The advanced control system allows to display all the processing parameters and to store in the machine memory, the various articles processed, with backup on USB key. The machine is also complete with remote diagnostics of all the electric and electronic components through smartphone.

With two superimposed raising drums the machine has the possibility to process both faces of the fabric of twice the same face in one passage only. Moreover with the drums rotating in both directions and different configurations, like the combination of double action and single action raising drums, it is possible to have a wide range of finishing effects on woven and knitted fabrics.