DP7 / Shearing machine

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DP7 / Shearing machine

DP7 / Shearing machine

The shearing machine DP 7 is equipped with a new type of DANTI PAOLO shearing unit, completely re-designed with modern CAD workstations and created with the close cooperation of our customers. The new shearing unit features the following advantages:

• Higher power of shearing; even the toughest fibers can be sheared without problems.
• Higher production; It is possible to process at higher speed, without losing quality.
• Longer life of the blades sharpness; more meters of fabric between one sharpening and the other.
• Possibility to shear very low on the fabric surface; to obtain a pile so short as you never seen before.

The drive by inverters adds many advanced functions to the machine:

through motors with inverter. Even the most delicate fabrics can be processed without stress.

REVERSE MOTION : very useful for:
1. Checking the shearing result immediately after shearing, by moving the fabric backwards.
2. Avoid marks at stops and starts.
During the reverse motion, the fabric keeps its pre-set fabric tension.

MEMORISATION OF PROCESSING DATA to store in the memory of the PLC the processing data of each fabric and recall them at a later time, when processing the same kind of fabric.

REMOTE CONNECTION by smartphone for software troubleshooting.

A special crane mounted on the upper arms allows to remove the shearing unit in a safe way. Thanks to some operating chains the crane is controlled from the floor level, without climbing on the machine, in order to ensure a safe operation.

The machine is equipped with METAL DETECTOR and AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION, moreover additional accessories such as PIANO DEVICE, DECURLING ROLLERS, STEAMING UNIT are available for different kinds of fabrics.

DP7 / Shearing machine
DP7 / Shearing machine
DP7 / Shearing machine
DP7 / Shearing machine