Company History

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Company History

Company History
Our story starts in the heart of Tuscany, in Prato; a medieval city with strong industrial environment in the sector of woolen fabrics manufacturing.

In 1935 Mr. Dario Danti was working as a mechanic, in charge of the maintenance in one of the biggest finishing plants of that period, the "CIMATORIA CAMPOLMI LEOPOLDO & C".

He decided to start on his own the manufacturing of textile finishing machines : the DANTI company was founded.

After World War II, the DANTI company gave an important help to the reconstruction of the finishing plants destroyed by the bombings. In those hard times, even finding an iron tube to manufacture a cylinder, was a big challenge.

The '50s and the '60s were characterized by the reconstruction first and by the economic boom after. The DANTI company developed its business and in 1950 settled in an industrial building in the centre of the city.

At that time the DANTI company was manufacturing many different types of finishing machines :

- Vegetal Raising machines (Teaseling machines).
- Metallic Raising machines.
- Shearing machines.
- Wet brushing machines.
- Selvedges ironing machines.
- Calenders.
- Fabric inspection machines.
- Multi Layer Drying Tenters.

Are just some of the machines produced by DANTI company, to respond to the big demand of the market.

Since 1967 the company is located in Montemurlo, in a factory that hosts the manufacturing department, research and development section and the company's headquarters.

Montemurlo is nearby the city of Prato and 25 km from Florence.

Company History
Company History
Company History
Company History