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Wool Fabrics


Wool is an animal fiber that is gifted us not only by sheep but also by alpacas, goats, bison, camels and even rabbits, wool is warm, soft and versatile. It is probably the first fiber used by mankind to produce cloths.

The production of wool fabrics follows many phases and finishing is composed of many different steps that transform a stiff canvas into a soft, warm and comfortable cloth.


Our raising machines and shearing machines create an hairy surface, a soft handfeel and an high quality on woolen fabrics that will be used for jackets, trousers, skirts and coats. The highest quality wool and cashmere fabrics, treated with our polishing machine, will acquire a shiny and elegant look.


Used for classic and elegant clothing, the finest worsted fabrics are acquiring an high quality thanks to our shearing machines that clean perfectly their surface and remove any hairiness.