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Knitted Fabrics


Knitting is a method of fabric formation that consists in the stitching of loops or yarn in a row, that can be round (circular knitted fabrics) or flat (warp knitted fabrics). Thanks to their natural elasticity, knitted fabrics are used in a variety of garments and accessories. Finishing of knitted fabrics poses many challenges, that DANTI machines can overcome with many years of experience.


Our brush/sueding machines can give to your T-shirt, a special finish called peach skin, to make the surface soft and pleasant to touch.

Do you want your T-shirt to shine ? We have a special finish for that, ask us more information.


Cotton and Cotton polyester fleece sportswear are comfortable to wear and are suitable for many occasions. Our raising machines can give a warm nap to your sweatshirt and your training pants and our brushing machines can give a peach skin touch to make the surface of your clothes, more pleasant to caress.

Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is warm and at the same time breathable, it has great insulation properties and for this reason is it widely used from everyday’s clothing to technical clothing, sportswear, blankets, gloves, scarves and other accessories.

To reach the highest quality and performances with polar fleece, you need a perfect finishing process that will transform that loopknit fabric, into a warm and soft polar fleece fabric.

Our raising machines are capable to create a dense nap, the shearing machine will set the height of the pile and the combined raising and shearing machine will make an antipilling process that will make your garment look like new, even after long use.

Velour knitted fabrics

Velour knitted fabric is a loopknit fabric where the loops are sheared and brushed to achieve a pile weave and get an elegant and soft to touch surface. Velour knitted fabrics have wide applications from elegant dresses, tracksuits, children wear and toys.

Our shearing machines, thanks to their powerful shearing unit, can shear the loops of velour knitted fabric in a very precise way and the polishing machine can lift up the loops from the fabric surface, in order to obtain a perfect process, with no loops left un-sheared.

High pile

We love animals and we think they should keep their own fur. High pile fabrics are the nature-friendly solutions to have a warm fur.

High pile fabrics are created on pile knitting machines, but to give these fabrics an elegant finish, it is necessary to undergo a finishing process.

Our tigering units, polishing machines and shearing machines are able to finish the pile of high pile fabrics and make them warm to wear and pleasant to touch.


In warp knit fabrics, the yarn is stitched along the length of the fabric to create the weave; this knitting system has some differences in comparison with circular knitting (also defined as weft knitting), that allows different uses of warp knitted fabrics in fields like inner wear (brasseries, camisoles, lingerie), apparel, shoes lining, automotive industry and industrial applications.