DANTI PAOLO E C. SRL Italian industrie of textile finishing machines, Raising, Shearing and Polishing machine.

Danti Paolo e C. s.r.l. viale Labriola 183/187, 59013 Montemurlo (PO) Italy  Tel: +39 0574 652477  Fax +39 0574 650042  Email: info@danti.it
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R 9000 / Raising Machine
VR9000 / Double Drum Raising Machine
DP7 / Shearing machine
DP7 V / Vertical Shearing Machine
RS 5000 / Combing-shearing machine
B 1000 / Sueding machine
S 1000 / Brushing machine
PolRotor / Polishing machine
K7000 / Combined Polishing and Shearing machine
After Sale Service, Spare Parts, Maintenance
Technology of Raising
Technology of Shearing
Technology of Sueding and Abrasive Brushing
Technology of Fibre polishing
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The DANTI company starts its activity in 1935.
At that time the founder Mr. Dario Danti was working as mechanic attached to the maintenance and repairing of finishing machines, in the biggest textile finishing plant in Prato.
Located in the textile area of Prato the company has acquired a wide experience in
Raising machines, shearing, vertical and Combined shearing machines, sueding, brushing and Polishing machines. A wide range of machines for surface finishing of the fabrics. (more)

The experience of a manufacturer, to give you the best also when you buy a preowned machine. (more)

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Raising, Shearing, Sueding,
Brushing and Polishing, all you have to know to get the right decision  (more)

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